INTRA COS was produced during a one month residency called Goethe Na Vila at the Vila Itororo in Sao Paulo in Summer 2017. The video engages with the images and narratives of the global universe of cosplay culture and it’s local practices in Sao Paulo. In cosplay culture people transform into characters from popular Anime films and computer games, thereby pointing towards contemporary forms of identification and subjectivication, in the framework of global media culture. Age old traditions of animism characterised by instable borders between humans, animals, machines and fantastic creatures interconnect with the symbols of late capitalist consumer culture and the specific experimental craft of costume production. The film was shot in collaboration with six of the best cosplayers in Brazil, all of who are well known for the elaborate production of their unique costumes and it is set in the historical environment of the Vila Itororo.


Axel Stockburger

Assistant Director/Production Manager:
Thaísa Valadão

Allan Yuji-Ishihara

Light/Additional Camera:
Luís Knihs

Kai Maier-Rothe


Cleiton Bispo de Sousa as Sisifo de Sagittarius
Carolina Miranda Muniz as Saber
Cynthia Sayuri Tanaka as Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Gustavo Mastorillo as Jack Frost
Jorge Lee Ayala as Michelangelo / Solid Snake
Débora dos Santos Alves aka Sakura Prongs as Chandra Nalaar

Thanks to: Tobi Maier, Francesca Tedeschi, Brishty Alam, Yusuf Etiman

Funded by:

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Kunst
Goethe Institute Sao Paulo, Vila Itororo – Goethe Na Vila