Film Screening: Красная звезда / RED STARS



Красная звезда / RED STARS is a film that engages with Alexander Bogdanov’s science fiction novel “Red Star” (1908), which envisions a utopian society on Mars and it’s contemporary reception in the context of contemporary renewed efforts to colonize Mars. RED STARS relates to central topics of Bogdanov’s pre-revolutionary socialist imagination, reaching from collectivity and identity, over gender relations, art, science towards economy and education, through the use of interviews with, among others, Alexander Malinosky, Alla Mitrofanova, Pavel Arseynev, Anastasia Gacheva, Anna Gorskaya, Alexandra Simakova and Boris Klushnikov. 

25.09.2018, 7 pm at Agency of Singular Investigations
Fabrika, Perevedenovsky side-street, 18, build. 4, floor 3, space 4’33