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RED STARS (2019) 4K Video, 01:08:47 min., Russian with English Subtitles

RED STARS is a film that engages with Alexander Bogdanov’s science fiction novel Red Star (1908), which envisions a utopian society on Mars and its contemporary reception in the context of current efforts to colonize Mars. RED STARS investigates central topics of Bogdanov’s pre-revolutionary socialist imagination, reaching from collectivity and identity, over gender-relations, art, science towards economy and education, through the use of interviews with Alexander Malinosky, Alla Mitrofanova, Pavel Arseynev, Anastasia Gacheva, Anna Gorskaya and Boris Klushnikov.


Interview Partners
Boris Klyushnikovs
Alla Mitrofanova
Alexander Malinofsky
Павел Арсеньев Pavel Arsenyev
Anna Gorskaya
Anastasia Gacheva

Kristina Pestova

Concept & Directing
Axel Stockburger

Assistant Directors
Alexei Buldakov
Boris Klyushnikov

Axel Stockburger

Sound Recording
Brishty Alam
Kai Maier-Rothe

Video Editing
Boris Klyushnikov
Axel Stockburger

Sound Post Production / Animations / Color Grading
Axel Stockburger

Yulia Podkolzina
Maxim Moshkov

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1939) Drawing from the “Album of Space Travel”
Various Illustrations from “Tekhnika Molodezhi” / Technology for the Youth magazine
Konstantin Yuon (1921) “New Planet” (101 x 71 cm) Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Sofia Gubaidulina – Vivente-Non Vivente (Alive & Dead) (1970) courtesy of Electroshock Records 1990
Oleg Buloshkin – Sacrament (1964) courtesy of Electroshock Records 1990

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Thanks to

Kristina Pestova, Sergey Troshchenkov ЦТИ ФАБРИКА / CCI Fabrika
Fyodorov Library and Museum, Alexander Marusev – Association of Museums of Cosmonautics, The Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum, ASI Agency of Singular Investigation, Stas Shuripa, Anna Titova, Alexandra Sankova – Moscow Museum of Design, Marina Simakova, Simon Mraz – Austrian Cultural Forum, Moscow
produced during a residency funded by Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur, Österreich

Axel Stockburger 2019