Worldeater Generics at Appendix Exhibition


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Worldeater – Generics, Axel Stockburger (2015) wallpaper B&W (360cm x 240cm) 2 versions

Worldeater – Generics is part of an ongoing series of works that engage with lists as an approach to a wide range of contemporary phenomena. In the context of the exhibition Appendix, which takes place in the abandoned part of the Georgi Stranski University Hospital in Pleven, Bulgaria, Stockburger presents a work based on the world’s most important generic pharmaceutical products. Every single one of these brand names was designed in order to create enough difference to the “original” brand, while attempting to create a semantic link to the medical condition it is used for.  Worldeater – Generics questions the issue of copyrights and their huge importance for the pharmaceutical industrial complex by presenting of poetic list of names that have meaning for doctors and patients worldwide.